Midtown Modern

July 2023

Featured Artist Trio

Alis Whitman

Megan McMahon

Terry McMahon

Presenting a diverse array of abstract landscapes, vibrant mosaics and imaginative folk-art-influenced scenes.

About the Artists

Alis Whitman, a designer, painter and forest school teacher, has lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains for 20 years. She often paints plein air and is particularly fond of painting portraits, both of people and trees. Via her abstract landscapes, Alis shares the energy and feelings of outdoor experiences. Her painting subjects are mostly in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties, but her adventuring spirit takes her to forests all over the state and beyond.

Currently a resident of Santa Cruz, Megan McMahon started as a graphic designer and then spent the bulk of her career teaching visual arts in a San Francisco public middle school. Growing up overseas and traveling the world, Megan was always influenced by the pattern, design, and folk art from the local communities. Ever since she spent a week in Haiti working with a mosaic artist and students from a Haitian school for arts, Megan has been drawn to mosaics. Through mosaics, she is able to play with pattern, line, and vibrant color using glass and tile. She enjoys mosaic-ing three dimensional forms and is constantly inspired by the natural beauty around her.

Terry McMahon, an art teacher retired from the Menlo Park School District, taught middle and elementary school art for 23 years. She has traveled and lived around the world, in places ranging from a small village on the outskirts of Sidi Bel Abes, Algeria, to a suburban neighborhood in Singapore. Her art work is influenced by her collection and love of folk art from the places that she has lived and by the many developing world markets, bazaars, and artisan homes that she has visited. She combines a strong sense of design with a bold use of color, and she gravitates toward sculptural shapes and forms. She enjoys rearranging and redefining forms inspired by architecture, plants, animals or people.